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Our revolutionary online courses provide the same rigorous education and professional instructor dedication that we offer on campus but with greater flexibility. Study on your own time, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Take classes for personal enrichment, professional development, or earn a professional degree with a full- or part-time schedule. Our Online Education program lets nothing stand in your way of pursuing your creative goals.

We have graduates working at these respected companies, among others:

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"With Academy of Art University’s Online program, not only could I keep my fulltime job, but I could also reach my goal of a college degree. I can access the Academy’s website from anywhere, even from work during a lunch break!"

MFA, Fine Art – Sculpture, Online Education Alumna

Manon Gauthier

Vice President of Online Education

Jason Shaeffer

"Our global online classroom is designed to support artists and teachers. We are committed to evolving how students and teachers communicate and collaborate. I've never seen an online program like the Academy's."

“There were many choices for onsite film and television programs, but my employment with the US ARMY, prevented me from attending any of those. My experience with Academy of Art University was invigorating and allowed me to work at my own pace to direct and produce an award winning short film, Mirage at Azbul Province.”

“Being an online student at the Academy allowed me to work in my own environment. I never had to reserve time to work on my own projects. I was able to work on my projects at my time of day or night.”

“Online classes at Academy of Art University allowed me to stay in Dallas and still connect to a world of creative inspiration.”

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Since 2002, we have helped thousands of online art and design students from all over the world realize their professional and creative ambitions.


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Military Information

With gratitude and respect to the men and women who serve our nation your application fee will be waived at Academy of Art University. Our Military Scholarship may be provided to U.S. Servicemembers (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Coast Guard) as an opportunity to start preparing for a career in art and design.

As a Yellow Ribbon Participant, Academy of Art University fosters innovation by preparing Servicemembers for a career in art and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do online classes work at an art school?

    The Academy first offered online classes in 2002. Since then, we have built a custom learning management system designed especially for the online delivery of art and design instruction. We regularly add new tools and features to support both students and instructors.

    An online class contains written text, images, interactive technology, screen-capture and live-action video demonstrations, and other media elements. Weekly discussions occur via an online classroom that supports the easy submission of work. And every class is taught by a professional artist who provides feedback informed by industry standards.

  • Who teaches these classes?

    The Academy prides itself on employing industry professionals. Many of our faculty members work for leading companies or have built successful art and design businesses of their own. The same flexibility that will allow you to take online classes allows them to teach while also remaining current on trends and practices in their disciplines.

  • How will I submit and get feedback on my work?

    For most assignments, you will submit digital files or images. (Certain classes require the occasional physical submission of work.) Your instructors may provide written feedback, visual markup with digital tools, or audio/video critiques.

  • I have a busy life. Do I have time for school?

    Being a successful student does require a time commitment. For every three hours you spend online, you will probably spend at least six or seven hours on your artwork. But online classes allow you to work within your existing schedule.

  • When do I need to be online?

    Online classes at the Academy offer a lot of schedule flexibility. They follow the same semester calendar as onsite classes (typically 16 weeks during Fall and Spring semesters), but instead of going to class at specific times on specific days of the week, you are free to access course materials, participate in discussions, and submit work according to your own schedule, as long as you meet weekly due dates and other deadlines.

  • What kind of computer do I need?

    In order to access course materials, you just need a computer—PC or Mac—able to run a modern web browser. Certain computer-based disciplines, such as Game Development and Animation, require more powerful hardware.

  • What kind of degree can I earn?

    The Academy has 24 degree-granting schools, most of which offer courses of study in multiple specializations, with fully accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees—and we are continually developing new programs. Almost every degree offered to onsite students is also available online. Degrees offered in various disciplines are AA, BA, BS, BFA, MA, and MFA, and we offer certificate programs in numerous disciplines as well.