Innovative Learning

Taking classes online at the Academy of Art University is intuitive and fun. You'll learn alongside thousands of students from over 90 countries around the world, eager to share their experiences and artistic insights.

When you log in to your online class, you'll experience a different kind of learning environment. The online classroom is simple to use, straightforward, and personalized for you and the subject matter. Course material is presented in lively, interactive presentations designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles. Classes are taught by exemplary instructors who give you the attention and feedback you need to learn new skills and grow as an artist.

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We strive to anticipate the needs of our students to help them succeed, but another important key to success is the preparation of the students themselves.


Get the Information You Need When You Need it

Each online class includes resources to ensure that you have the information you need in order to get comfortable and prepared before the semester begins. When you log in, you'll begin at your personal home page, from which you can access helpful tutorials and links, free software, and important announcements in addition to a list of your classes.



Make the Online Classroom your Own

When you're ready to begin, you'll have the opportunity to review each class's syllabus and week-by-week outline, including the required assignments, supplies, and software. You can personalize your online classroom to let your fellow students know a little bit about yourself. You may include a photo of yourself and even upload your portfolio.


2. Learn & Experience



Once the semester begins, you'll have access to your online classes any time during that semester day or night seven days a week. You can review the material as often as you like. If your class includes video demonstrations, you can even copy them to your portable media player!


Online Learning Supports Individual Learning Styles

Our classes are designed with flexibility in mind, offering a number of different delivery methods to reinforce the content, including written lectures, video demonstrations, interactive slideshows, class discussions, and in some cases, even one-on-one video conferences with your instructor.


Interactivity Brings Content to Life

The core of each online class is the written lecture material, which is presented in what we call learning modules. Each module is carefully reviewed to ensure clearly presented instructions and ideas, with illustrations and images that bring the written word to life. We strive to include interactive elements in every module, including narrated slideshows, image galleries, Flash animation, and more. Our classes will help you decode complex concepts and master the techniques used by professional artists and designers.

3. Do & Grow


Join A Global Community of Artists

Our online student body is comprised of thousands of students from dozens of countries around the world, and they're joined in our online discussions by our instructors, who guide students through lively debate and provide the constructive critique that is vital for any artist.


The Future of Art & Design Is Here

Class participation is easy. Our class discussion uses a simple interface with excellent supplementary tools, including a whiteboard that allows instructors to mark up your work, as well as the ability to upload audio critiques. You'll see what other students are doing, learn from their critiques and progress, and maybe even meet a future employer, collaborator, or, friend. You'll meet the future of art and design as it is practiced all over the world.