Online Students Speak

Paying rent in San Francisco was beyond my budget, so studying online allowed me to stay in Canada and live with my parents while studying at one of the best schools in the industry. With the money I saved, I could afford to visit San Francisco frequently, participate in a Study Abroad program, and even come to San Francisco to study on campus for one of my last semesters before graduating.

The online instructors were fantastic. In fact, I learned and absorbed information better online than during the on-campus classes because I had access to all the information 24/7, videos I could watch as many times as I wanted to, and when I asked a question, I could refer back to the answers at any point throughout the semester. I was able to view my peers' work online more readily than on-campus and that was beneficial to me, as I learn well through observing others work. In addition, online classes were extremely helpful for learning amazing time management and organizational skills.


Malorie Schmyr, School of Animation

The best thing by far was the rapport with a diverse range of excellent instructors. Because they are working professionals, they bring current industry insight and experience to the courses.

Ali Khan, MFA student, Fashion Merchandising

The online program gave me the opportunity to pursue the exact degree I was seeking, without having to settle for a lesser program just because it was geographically close. The instructors were incredible and I was always amazed by how responsive and knowledgeable they were. I was able to develop some great friendships with my fellow online students. I would highly recommend the Academy's online programs to anyone.

Shannon Widmer, MFA graduate and Valedictorian, Web Design & New Media

My photograph "Peer Pressure" recently received honorable mention for the 2008 IPA Photographer of the Year competition, I feel very blessed to have found AAU, as it was one of the best choices I've ever made. It's helped me more than I can possibly articulate.

Online MFA student, Photography

When I had problems because of my learning disability, people were understanding and helpful. This is the first time that I've ever felt like a student instead of a student with a disability, and that I've learned as I've studied. Thank you to everybody.

Online Student, School of Photography

I was most impressed with the format of the online program that Academy of Art University provides. I have attended several other Online courses and this one by far seems to be the best.

Online Student, School of Animation & Visual Effects

Thank you so much for emailing back and forth with me and taking the time to answer all of my questions. Other schools haven't been so patient and pleasant. You're making the process very easy for me.

Online Student

The help desk is awesome! The mentality of the staff has been "How can I help you?" for everything. I absolutely love it!

Online Student

Industry Praises the Spring Show

Excellent! Thank you for understanding industry realities.

Rachelle Lewis, Rachelle Lewis Talent

I enjoyed this [Spring Show] and plan to send a targeted recruiting team next year.

Michael Gollom, Vice President, Technicolor

Excellent work by students. I felt they were technically advanced compared to many other students with a similar degree.

Tim Jacobsen, Director Visual Effects, Encore VFX

The commitment to excellence from both the students and the faculty is very evident.

Alex Shapleigh, Director, Callison

We were impressed with the standard of your school.

Ivan Pols, Associate Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather

We found some great talent that we hope will consider opportunities with us. We've been very impressed with what we've seen.

Brian Breth, Creative Recruiter, American Greetings

I am very impressed with the students. In terms of producing animation talent, your school is definitely in the top five and I look forward to more talent emerging in the years to come.

Clay Katis, Supervising Animator, American Dog, Walt Disney Animation Studios