Art Education

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The School of Art Education offers a comprehensive and versatile art education program. Our curriculum consists of courses in art education, studio art and design, art history, and liberal arts. Art education courses are rich with content, have specific applications to teaching in art classrooms, and combine theory and practice. Fieldwork, an integral part of most art education courses, provides students the opportunity to gain valuable real-life experience and establish connections with art education professionals in settings such as schools, museums, and community centers.

Graduates are well prepared for many career opportunities in art education. Students develop art education theories and strategies for meeting student needs in a range of art education settings. They gain thorough knowledge of art and design content and acquire skills in reflective practice, curriculum writing, and instruction. Throughout the program, each student creates a professional teaching portfolio, an essential tool for applying to any art education position.

School of Art Education courses are developed and taught by experienced education professionals who promote strong teacher preparation, proven educational practices relevant for today's art educator, and provide students the support they need to become effective art educators

Master of Arts (MA)

The School of Art Education recognizes that students interested in pursuing graduate work and art education careers have various backgrounds, interests, and goals; therefore, the School offers two options for the MA degree.

The MA in Art Education

The MA in Art Education is a 39-unit program that focuses on the pedagogical aspects of art education. This program is designed for the student who already demonstrates a breadth and depth of studio art and design knowledge and skills (in foundational drawing and at least two other media) and is ready to learn the art of teaching.

The MA in Art Education with Studio Emphasis

The MA in Art Education with Studio Emphasis is a 63-unit program that offers the same 39 units as the MA in Art Education with an additional 24 units of studio art and design. This program is designed for the student who has a limited studio background. It is also great for the student looking to strengthen his or her studio experience through the extensive, rigorous studio courses at the Academy of Art University.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The BFA in Art Education is a program for students who are beginning post-secondary education and interested in careers in art education. It is a 120-unit program that encompasses studio art and design (60 units), art history, art education, and liberal arts courses. As part of the program, each student minors in an area of the visual arts such as fashion, fine art, photography, or animation and visual effects.

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Career Opportunities

  • Art Education Administrator at the College or University Level*
  • Art Program Administrator*, Museum Education Administrator*, Community College Instructor*
  • Art Curriculum Director***, Art Teacher in Public School**, Art Teacher in Private School
  • Art Program Coordinator in Museum or Community Program
  • After-School Art Instructor, Artist-in-Residence Art Instructor, Art Museum Program Assistant or Instructor

* After earning a master's degree or higher
** After earning a teaching credential
*** After earning a teaching credential or master's degree